Town Management

Mayors can control various aspects of their town, including tax rates and rank assignment

General Commands

  • /town set name <new name> - changes your town name.

  • /town set mayor <player> - allows you to transfer the mayorship of your town.

  • /town set board <message> - sets the town board, which is seen on the scoreboard and by players when logging in.

  • /town set homeblock - sets the homeblock of your town. Typing /town set spawn in a homeblock changes your town respawn point to where you are standing.

  • /town set tag <tag> - sets your town tag, which will be shown in chat instead of your full town name.


Mayors can assign ranks to residents to aid them in administrating their town with /t rank add <player> <rank name>.

  • comayor - has all the permissions of a mayor (including the ability to delete a town!). Give this rank with caution.

  • assistant - has the ability to invite and kick residents, manage plots they don't own, claim land and jail residents.

  • police - has the ability to designate outlaws (explained later in this tutorial) and jail residents through /town toggle jail <player>. Keep in mind you need to set a jail plot for the jail command to work.

  • builder - can build in any plot, even if they don't own it.

  • planner - has full access to plot management commands.

  • treasurer - has full control over taxes (explained later in this tutorial) and can withdraw from the town bank.


Mayors and treasurers can set taxes to extract money from residents. They are collected every 24 hours in real-life and are automatically deposited in the town bank.

There are two modes of taxation. The default mode of taxation, flat taxes, takes a set amount of money from residents each day. If a resident cannot afford to pay the tax, they will be kicked from the town. The other mode of taxation, percentage taxes, takes a percentage of residents' money each day. If a resident is unable to pay a percentage tax, they will not 'be kicked from the town.

The percentage and flat tax can be set through /town set taxes <amount/percentage'>'. To switch between the two modes of taxation, type /town toggle taxpercent.

The following commands allow you to set taxes for different plot types:

  • /town set plottax <amount> – Set taxes collected from each resident daily, per plot that they own.

  • /town set shoptax <amount> – Set taxes collected from each resident daily, per shop plot that they own.

  • /town set embassytax <amount> – Set taxes collected from each resident daily, per embassy plot that they own.

Outlaws and Jails

Mayors and police can jail and unjail residents by typing /town toggle jail <player>. Jailed residents will be sent to a jail plot if one exists. They cannot teleport and will return to the jail if they die. However, they can leave by escaping the jail plot and walking out of the town, or by paying a $10,000 bail to the town bank through the command /resident jail paybail.

Outlaws are players who can be attacked in a town even if it has PvP disabled. If an outlaw dies inside your town, they will automatically be jailed. You can manage outlaws through the command /town outlaw <add/remove> <player>. You can see the list of outlaws through /town outlawlist