Town Creation

Towns are the most basic part of Towny, allowing people to gather and work together as a group

Creating a Town

To create a town, type /t new <town name>. This will create a town on the chunk you are standing on. For example, /t new London will create a town called 'London', centered on the chunk you are standing on. This chunk is called your homeblock and you will spawn there if you die

Once you have created a town, you can view its information by typing /t <name of your town> or /t

This displays important information such as:

  • Your town's residents and their ranks

  • Your town's size - in other words, how many chunks you have claimed and the claim limit

  • Your town's outposts and outpost limit

  • Your town tax

  • Your town bank balance

These will be explained later in this tutorial.

Exemple of town's information

Inviting Other Players

You can invite other players to your town using /t add <player name>. They will need to do /accept <name of your town> to join. You can privately talk to players in your town by switching to town chat by typing /tc. You can return to general chat by typing /g

Claiming Land

Your town has a limit on how many chunks (townblocks) it can claim. Each resident increases this limit by 8 chunks. To claim a chunk for your town, type /t claim. It must be next to an existing claim. This will deduct $1000 from your town bank. To deposit money in your town bank, type /t deposit <amount>. You can view chunk borders with /resident toggle constantplotborder.

You can also buy additional townblocks with /t buy bonus <amount of chunks>. Joining or creating a nation will also increase the townblock limit!


If you need to claim land which is not adjacent to an existing claim, you must create an outpost through /t claim outpost. Outposts cost more than regular claims, and your town must be in a nation to create them. You can see the outpost limit based on the table below.

Number of Residents

Outpost limit

0 - 1


2 - 9


10 - 19


20 - 27


28 and above


Town Upkeep

Each townblock your town claims will increase your town upkeep by $100. Town upkeep is collected from your town bank every 24 hours in real life. If your town bank does not have enough money to pay the upkeep, it will be disbanded and can be griefed.