War Rules

  1. During war, anything can be destroyed and griefed in the towns of the nations involved but only by a nation that is also involved in the war. After the war ends, anything inside claimed territory can be restored by staff, except ships and chests.

  2. The nations involved in a war are defined as:

    • the nation which did /wft declare (attacker)

    • the nation that war was declared on (defender)

    • nations allied to the two above through /nation ally add.

  3. Nationless towns cannot intervene in wars. They must stay neutral.

  4. A town must have at least one non-AFK member in order for it to be attacked, unless you are occupying the town. If you intend to occupy the town and no non-AFK defenders are online, then you are only allowed to breach walls and buildings preventing you from reaching the homeblock.

  5. The following actions are prohibited during a war:

    • Deleting your nation (this will be considered a surrender).

    • Renaming your nation.

    • Changing your nation capital.

    • Warlogging. This is when defenders log off during an attack to avoid fighting. This may be considered a surrender of the town by staff.

  6. There is no time limit or maximum length for wars. If a war ends due to a bug, such as being deleted by a server restart, it must be restarted.

  7. If a nation loses a war, the winning nation can annex one outpost from a town in the losing nation. An outpost is any piece of land not connected to the town centre. It can be annexed to a town either in the winner's nation or one of their allies.

    • A nation is considered to have 'lost' a war if it is disbanded due to all their towns being conquered, or if they admit defeat.

    • The losing nation is responsible for ensuring the annexation takes place. Failure to do so may result in the banhammer being deployed or war being forcibly restarted.

  8. Conquered towns must stay in the enemy nation for at least 2 weeks.