How Wars Work

Wars are events that can take place between two nations on Nations

When two nations go to war, PvP is enabled in the towns of both nations. Every town involved is then assigned a certain number of points.

  • Each resident gives 2 points.

  • Each plot gives 2 points.

If a town reaches zero points, it conquered by the enemy nation. You can view the points list of a warring nation with /wft status <nation name>.

Capturing Towns

Killing Enemy Residents

When a resident of a town is killed by a player from the enemy nation, 10 points are deducted from the victim's town and added to the attacker's town


Although killing enemy residents is the fastest way of conquering their town, you can also conquer it through occupation. Occupation occurs when one player stands on an enemy town's homeblock (i.e. their town spawn/town centre). For every minute the player stands on it, the enemy town loses 1 point and those online from the enemy nation are alerted through chat. Residents from the enemy town can stop the point loss by also standing on the homeblock or killing the occupier on it.

To prevent abuse, multiple attackers standing in the homeblock will not cause points to be lost more quickly.

Capturing the Enemy Nation Capital

Capturing the enemy nation's capital will end the war and cause their nation to disband. The capital does not lose points through occupation until it is the last town remaining in its nation. However, it can always lose points through its residents being killed.